Visit Britain’s Most Easterly Spot: Ness Point

No trip to Lowestoft is complete without a visit to Ness Point, the most easterly spot in the UK.


Right, well this is it folks. The end of the line, no going back, Ness Point is officially the most easterly point in Britain, known as Lowestoft Ness is marked by the Euroscope a unique circular platform that shows the and distances of major European towns and Great Britain’s other cardinal points.

You can experience some stunning views of the landscape from here, as well as knowing you are the most easterly land dwelling human in the country at the same time! Please only look out to sea though as the powers that be decided to locate a sewage treatment plant nearby to this landmark, in hindsight we’re sure they can see that was a boo-boo, however it doesn’t smell, it just probably isn’t what you were expecting to see so close to such an iconic landmark as the most easterly place in the UK. Please see the Ness Point page for more information.

How to find Ness Point in Lowestoft:

Address for Ness Point:

Ness Point,
NR32 1JG

Find Ness Point in Lowestoft

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