Watch Ships go Through Bascule Bridge in Lowestoft

Get a real feel of Lowestoft’s life as a sea port with an unmissable trip to The Bascule Bridge.

lovelowestoft_1149100257_bascule bridge

The Bascule Bridge is in central lowestoft, where the sea meets the river.

People who live in Lowestoft May not agree (occasional traffic jams!), but the sight of a ship sailing through Lowestoft Harbour and under Bascule Bridge is often a wonderful sight!

The Bascule Bridge was a new structure, constructed in 1974 to replace a swing bridge owned and operated by the British Transport Docks Board.

Associated British Ports carry out weekly inspections of the Bascule Bridge. The A12 is closed overnight on four occasions annually, once per quarter, to allow routine maintenance work to be carried out.

The annual budget for operating and maintenance for 1999/2000 was £223,250.00. Gosh knows what is is now a decade on?

What do you think about the sight of ships passing through Bascule Bridge in Lowestoft?

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