Unique writing workshops in Lowestoft

A lot of people dream of being a writer. However one of the big problems is knowing where to start and how to get your world beating idea on paper. Fortunately for some lucky people in Lowestoft inspiration could arrive in the form of a unique writing workshop!

Lowestoft writing workshopJust Write It offers a series of workshops dedicated to helping people through the process of developing ideas, crafting a story and finally shaping the raw materials of your ideas. The process is gradual, helping writers develop their confidence as they learn the basics of developing a story, crafting plots and characters in a more effective way than you would trying to do it on your own.

Each workshop handles different aspects such as getting started (that difficult moment when you first need to put something on a blank page), planning (making it easier to stick to a deadline you set yourself!), researching (making sure you do enough without getting bogged down with detail), finishing it off and even help with publishing and marketing!

Of course cynics may argue “Who are these people that are telling us how to write?” In this instance the team includes experienced authors such as Suzan Collins (shortlisted for People’s Book Prize 2014), Jayne-Marie Barker (author of the DCI Allen novels) and Yvonne Newbold (“The Special Parent’s Handbook”). It is not very often you can get this level of access with professional authors and it represents a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants the chance to discuss the craft of writing with them.

The workshops take place at Gunton Hall Coastal Village, an ideal retreat for people wanting to get away for some creative inspiration. People can stay for a single day or they can pay to stay for the full four days (there are special “early bird” offers for people who book early). Often the experience is in and of itself inspiration enough as people literally get away for a while, giving them time and space to work on the story they have been desperate to tell.

However it doesn’t stop there- they are also planning a pop up bookshop in Lowestoft next July to help support independent authors to sell their stories. This is set to take place at the Coconut Loft Art Gallery on Waterloo Road, a venue well known in the area for supporting artists and now branching out to support local writers as well.

In short this workshop could mark more than just a way to inspire the next Helen Fielding or Dan Brown- this could also be a chance for people to support a burgeoning creative industry in Lowestoft and encourage more people to show their creative side. While it may seem a long time until March 2015 it is recommended you book now to avoid disappointment!

For more information about the next set of Just Write It workshops in Lowestoft and what they offer you can go to the Just Write It website If you want to know more about upcoming events and exhibitions at the Coconut Loft click here.

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