Radio Stations


As you would expect from the Jewel of the Eastern Region, Britain’s most Easterly town, Lowestoft, is home to a whole host of different Lowestoft radio stations.

Radio listeners from across the whole of the region are usually able to tune into any one of these stations, and each of them differ greatly in terms of their content, style, and atmosphere. Therefore, this page provides an excellent and handy set of links dedicated to providing you with information on Lowestoft’s radio stations. The radio stations in Lowestoft often don’t just feature content that is solely geared towards local or Suffolk residents. Instead, it is often suitable for the whole family and people with a gigantic and eclectic range of interests.

From pop and light jazz music right through to discussion of contemporary, world affairs, the radio stations in Lowestoft have something to suit the tastes of all and everyone. Radio is something of a rarity in our age of smartphones and tablets, so why not take a break from all of that screen watching and give your ears a treat with one of Lowestoft’s local radio station – it will prove to be something that is both interesting and fun.

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