Come and enjoy Lowestoft’s Nightlife Scene. By far the biggest concentrations of nightlife outside of Norwich and Ipswich can be found in Lowestoft. We have provided a handy set of links below in order to create a really great guide to the town’s clubbing scene and various forms of nightlife.


So for as nightlife goes, Lowestoft’s clubbing area offers many types of different venues, making the town the perfect place to get your boogie woogie on! The Lowestoft nightlife set caters for all sorts of demographics, though, and you will be just at home there whether you are after an intense party scene or simply looking for a quiet bar to chill out with a glass of wine.

The Lowestoft nightlife atmosphere, likewise, varies greatly between clubs that stay open until the early hours and feature buzzing, lively atmospheres, and venues that are more than suitable for quiet and pleasant evenings spent in your own company or that of a few special friends. Lowestoft, as always, has something for everyone and, day or night, you can rest safe in the knowledge that it is the place for you, especially with its vibrant nightlife to add that little extra sparkle to your day.

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