Amazing New Look for Lowestoft College

The New Year is traditionally a time for people to lose weight or revamp their home, look and so forth. However it’s not just people- Lowestoft College is also set to head into 2015 with a whole new look!

new look Lowestoft collegeThe revamp at Lowestoft College (funded by University Campus Suffolk, the Local Strategic Partnership, the Skills Funding Agency and the college itself) is set to be more than just a lick of paint or some new double glazing- the improvements are said to cost £1.3m in order to improve the facilities in the college in term for the next academic year. These improvements will include a newly designed engineering centre, improvements to their learning resources centre as well as a revamped art and design department.

As well as these improvements there will also be additional internet cafe and laptop dropin areas, allowing for a more relaxed study space. For people who want to flex their performance muscles there will also be a raised stage area (that can also be used as another study space in between performances).

However it is not just about spending money- An overhauling of the heating system and using more energy efficient lighting will save approximately £100,000 a year as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the college by approximately 455 tonnes of CO2 every year, while another development in partnership with the National Wind Farm Training Centre will install an 18m wind turbine in order to train students who want to work in the wind farm industry.

College principal Simon Summers was very enthusiastic about the upcoming developments stating “Every year we welcome 5000 students to the college so we are pleased to continue making improvements. The engineering area is particularly exciting as it means we will have some of the best training facilities in the eastern region.”

In short this looks to be exciting times for the area- at a time when the government is looking to encourage more students to take up engineering this seems to be a step in that direction, giving those that wish to study a step in the right direction. However it is also positive to see that other students who wish to pursue other subjects have not been neglected either and that in the long term we will all see the benefits.

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