Lowestoft third crossing- Will it benefit tourism?

lovelowestoft_1149100257_bascule bridge

With the third crossing over Lowestoft bridge confirmed the question has to be asked “Will this benefit tourism?”

For some time now the debate has raged about the pros and cons of a third bridge crossing in Lowestoft- sometimes the debate has been whether or not it will do its proposed job in easing congestion while others have debated whether or not this is the right and location with some arguing it would be better having a crossing in another location.

According to the 38 degrees website there are numerous benefits to having this crossing- in effect this crossing is the most cost effective option, it involves the least disruption to local residents and businesses and improve access. However some residents have signed a petition arguing the opposite, suggesting that they oppose the current proposal put forward.

What is pretty much universally agreed is that the current situation is difficult- people are often put off going to Lowestoft at certain times because they are afraid of being caught in congestion. Naturally this will inevitably have an effect on tourism as people choose not to take the time to get there.

This is why ultimately some kind of agreement needs to be reached- in the long term easing the traffic problem can make a difference. It is something that a lot of people are demanding. In this election year there is a great opportunity to get something sorted out that will not only bring in more tourists but also be more beneficial for the area in the long term. With more investment in the local area (including the East of England heritage park) it is a very exciting time for Lowestoft and the new crossing could be crucial.

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