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Lowestoft singer-songwriter Jody Sturman is writing new music after a battle with ill health

Lowestoft singer-songwriter Jody Sturman will be looking to put a difficult year behind her with her new song “Happy is Where I Want to Be” She co-wrote the song with her singing tutor Paul Phoenix, inspired in part as a response to emergency surgery after a femoral hernia became strangulated. Following an operation her grandfather (who she was very close to) sadly died.

Understandably this could make someone feel dark and introspective. However this is not the case with Jody “Everything happened to me at once but it made me stronger as a person”. She explains that the song is about “happiness and looking on the positive side of life”.

Jody started singing in choirs from the age of 12 and is so passionate her karaoke machine is currently broken from overuse!

At present Jody does not have any management, something she is looking to change “I haven’t got any management, my music is not for sale yet so that’s the next step. I would like to perform more gigs once I’ve got more material- I’ve actually started writing a song that is going to be a dance track”

Jody has been through a lot- there is no doubt about that. But what is admirable is her determination to overcome adversity and to turn a difficult situation into a positive, something that everyone can indeed relate to and hopefully will help more people going through similar difficult times.

For more information on Jody Sturman and to watch her music videos click here

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