Lowestoft set for big summer of tourism


Lowestoft is set for another big year for tourism as the region bids to spread the word

Historically Lowestoft benefited from maritime industries. However as this has declined the town is looking for more ways to generate income. One of the biggest these is tourism and with recent summers being some of the hottest on record it is looking more positive for the town.

Part of the campaign to increase tourism in the region is being spearheaded by Spring, a communications agency based in Southwold. Representative Erika Clegg is keen to point out why East Anglia should be somewhere tourists should flock to pointing out how the region has “cultural offerings throughout the year.”

This is certainly the case in Lowestoft- while most people tend to think of fish and chips by the beach or a go on the arcades it is easy to forget that Lowestoft is also home to the Marina Theatre, attracting some of the biggest names in theatre, music and comedy as well as showing the latest films and live screenings of various massive cultural events.

While you would expect a communications agency to push a positive image of the region it is more than spin- the tourist industry is worth £1.8 billion in Suffolk annually and with the right promotion there is no reason why this cannot be increased further.

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