Lowestoft Sea Wall Repair Advanced to second stage


There was concern when damage was reported on the Lowestoft South Beach seawall. However after nine weeks the first phase of repair work on Lowestoft’s South beach’s seawall has been completed and the second phase has begun, boosting the coast’s protection from coastal erosion

The initial first phase of repair started in November when approximately 6,000 tonnes of rock was brought in from Norway at a cost of £900,000 in Environment Agency funding. The work would have been completed sooner but unfortunately the repair work was delayed due to high winds (the replacement of the rock along the coastline could only be completed during low tide, so inevitably this can be very difficult to do in this kind of weather conditions).

David Ritchie (Cabinet member of Waveney District council for planning and rural affairs) was pleased with the progress of repairs, stating “this is excellent news as it means the seawall is better protected from further damage and we can move on to the next phase.” He then acknowledged the co-operation of local people stating “We would like to thank everyone for their co-operation during these works.”

The reason that this work took place was because damage had been caused to the flint of the seawall, caused by a combination of erosion and a tidal surge that took place during the year. The first phase of this repair work was done in order to protect this part of the coastline. The next phase was scheduled to start on the 5th January so anyone looking to visit the beach may have to face some areas that will be closed off for a while during this next stage of repair work.

Of course it can be inconvenient when you want to visit the beach and there are areas you are not able to walk around. However in the long term this is vital to keep an award winning beach in the best possible condition. In the long term it will mean more people able to walk along the coastline rather than being unable to because it’s not there!

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