Lowestoft Maritime History: ‘The Battle of Lowestoft’

Battle of Lowestoft

On the 13th June 1665, forty miles to the East of Britain’s most Easterly town, the Battle of Lowestoft took place between English and Dutch naval forces commanded by the Duke of York and Lieutenant-Admiral Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam.

After having suffered a crushing blockade of their ports by the English, the Dutch political forces ordered a naval attack on the British fleet. Unfortunately for the Dutch, the attack didn’t go quite as planned. The Battle of Lowestoft occurred during a period of Westerly wind that gave the Duke of York’s forces a particular advantage over van Wassenaer Obdam’s already inferior fleet. The battle cost van Wassenaer Obdam his life and 17 ships, and caused the deaths of over 2000-2500 Dutch crewmembers, with 2000 taken prisoner.

The Battle of Lowestoft is not solely confined to the past, however. You can check out lots more interesting facts and details about it by taking a trip into town to see (or should that be sea?) the Lowestoft Maritime Museum, where there’s always something fun for all of the family to do.

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