Visit Lowestoft Lighthouse for a View of Lowestoft History


Located on its lofty clifftop perch above the North Denes, Lowestoft’s historic lighthouse is one of the town’s iconic features.

Established in 1609, Lowestoft Lighthouse was the first lighthouse to be built by the Corporation of Trinity House, replacing the two candle-powered lights on the foreshore which were used to guide vessels safely through the Stamford Channel and into the port of Lowestoft. If you’re exploring the town and want to experience a unique insight into the town’s history, then make sure you take the chance to venture inside and see this magnificent building up close. The Lowestoft Lighthouse is situated 1.6km north of Lowestoft town centre. We recommend parking in the centre and walking up to the lighthouse as there is limited street parking.

The walk to the lighthouse is a worthwhile trip in itself. Walking along the shore allows you to stop at Ness Point and stand at Britain’s most easterly point, then cut through Sparrows nest Gardens to the lighthouse, while walking through North Lowestoft allows you to browse some unique shops and enjoy a pint at the Triangle Tavern, one of the best-loved pubs in the region.

Usual Opening Times for 1st Saturday of every month April – August 12 – 3.30pm

These opening times may vary subject to operational requirements.

Admission Prices – these may have risen a wee bit with inflation – but please use as a rough guide

  • Adults £2
  • Senior Citizens, Young Persons (2-18yrs) and Students £1.50
  • Family Ticket
  • (2 adults & up to 3 children) £6

Lowestoft Lighthouse Contact Details

Telephone: 01255 245011

Groups visits to Lowestoft Lighthouse

Please phone in advance for group bookings of 8 or more.

Safety at Lowestoft Lighthouse

Please read our Health & Safety Notice (listed left) to ensure you make the most of your visit to Lowestoft lighthouse.

Specifications of Lowestoft Lighthouse

Established 1609
Height of Tower 16M
Height of Light above Mean High Water 37M
Electrified 1938
Automation 1975
Optic 4th Order, 250mm Twin Spectacle
Lamp 70w Osram Powerstar
Character Fl (1)15s
Intensity 380,000 Candela
Range of Light 23Nm

Tours of Lowestoft are conducted by the Lighthouse Attendant, under licence from the Corporation of Trinity House.

How to find the Lowestoft Lighthouse:

Lowestoft Lighthouse Address:

Lowestoft Lighthouse,

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