Information Centres


Being a big town, Lowestoft can sometimes be a confusing and uncertain (if often fun and exciting) place for tourists and visitors. That is where local information centres really come into their own and act as a helping hand for wayward visitors. Especially in the Summer months, tourist information centres really are essential to Lowestoft.

There are many different information centres in Lowestoft , so our guide to them can really help you out with finding your way in Lowestoft’s busy streets. Make sure that you click on the links below, just in case you ever get lost amidst its winding alleys. Lowestoft is one of the largest towns in the Eastern region, so it is more than understandable if you ever need the assistance of the tourist centres in Lowestoft.

These have quickly spread across the town after Lowestoft’s tourist boom in the last century, and are now a regular feature amongst the town’s many pretty shops and stores. If you ever get lost in Lowestoft, do not despair, just pop into your nearest information centre!

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