Announcement: How to come on a holiday or short break in Lowestoft

A guide to finding a holiday or short break in Lowestoft

Holiday in Lowestoft

Lowestoft has long been known as one the UK’s favourite holiday destinations, but if you’re looking to book a trip there, sometimes the whole stress and pain of holiday bookings and conflicting recommendations can really get in the way of things. That’s why we at LoveLowestoft have compiled this handy guide to How to Go on Holiday or Spend a Short Break in Lowestoft.

Firstly, choose when to come to Lowestoft. It’s pleasant in Winter, Summer, Spring, August and… well… just about any time of the year! Our What’s On guide will keep you informed about events happening in Lowestoft across all times of the year to make sure that you’re always in the know about what’s going on in this lovely and bustling town.

Come on holiday to Lowestoft

Then, it’s best to turn your mind to accommodation. This can often be tricky as it’s so difficult to find somewhere that’s perfect for you. Not to worry, though, because we’ve got a great selection of Lowestoft hotels, Lowestoft bed and breakfasts, and if you’re after holiday parks in Lowestoft to cater for the little ones, the town will not disappoint.

As our What’s On Guide will let you know, there’s always something going on in Lowestoft, and if the town never fails to produce an exciting group of activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re after a bit of pitch and putt or even fancy going horse riding, Lowestoft has it all.

Now you’ve found where to stay and what to do take a look at our Lowestoft transportation section to find out how to get around.

We at LoveLowestoft hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide, and if you’d like more information you can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Whenever you decide to visit, Lowestoft will be waiting to give you a smile on your face that won’t soon leave.

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