How many gyms are there in Lowestoft?

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It’s a simple question people often ask- “How many gyms are there in Lowestoft?”

Gyms are useful for a number of different reasons- they can give you time to focus on your fitness. With the right facilities it is easier to monitor your performance and with the right staff it is possible to get instruction and recommendations to help you get the most out of your workout.

However if you are new to the area you may not know how many options are available. It is always a good idea to contact a number of gyms and visit them in person- you can check to see the kind of facilities they offer and whether or not it is appropriate to what you want. Different gyms will offer different contracts, opening hours and so forth so it makes sense to shop around.

One of the most well known is the Bannatyne’s chain run by Dragon’s Den investor Duncan Bannatyne. The advantage of a chain is that you know what you are getting. However this is just one example and a quick internet search will reveal a number of others in the local area.

A well established example is the Waterlane Leisure Centre, offering gym facilities alongside the swimming pool that it is arguably more well known for. You also have other gyms such as Palms Health and Fitness Club, Better Body, Profitness and Nirvana.

New gym facilities may open all the time- however these names appear to be the results that come up most and it is worth checking reviews to see what is available near you. However in terms of established gym facilities that are accessible to the general public (not counting clubs and private venues) we can say that broadly there are six major gym facilities in Lowestoft.

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