Heritage Or Historical Interest


Lowestoft can, at times, be known for all of the modern tourist attractions and state of the art entertainment facilities that it can boast. But, did you know that Lowestoft also has a rich and colourful history and past to speak of?

Much of the town dates far back into time, and the many Lowestoft historical heritage sites that adorn it speak volumes about days gone by. The region proffers many charity ran heritage sites, and Lowestoft is no exception. This site and the links below detail the manyLowestoft historical heritage sites and provide a comprehensive guide. From Roman sea forts through to Medieval ruins, Lowestoft has something for both the learned History buff and the family looking for a fun day out.

Of course, all of these are signposted and contain various information plaques with an assortment of fun and interesting facts. East Anglia contains a wealth of historical treasure, and Lowestoft is one of its great hubs for unearthing the past. If it is history you are after, look no further than Lowestoft and its rich tapestry of history and trappings of bygone worlds…

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