Great Floods of Lowestoft 1953 & 2013

Lowestoft: A Place Vulnerable to Flooding

lowestoft-floods-1953-2013Being a place largely surrounded by water has a recent history of devastating floods

Lowestoft Floods of 1953

Lowestoft has been subject to periodic flooding, the most memorable and severe was in January 1953 when a North Sea swell driven by low pressure and a high tide swept away many of the older sea defences and deluged most of the southern town. This flood shockingly took many peoples lives and was something the town thought we may not see again for quite some time, and Lowestoft didn’t really flood that badly again until 2013.

Lowestoft Floods of 2013

Lowestoft-high-street-floods-2013On December 5th 2013 Lowestoft was victim of one of the worst floods the east coast has seen since the above 1953 disaster. 1000’s of homes and businesses were affected with the town’s main high street becoming totally flooded at the height of the tidal surge. Fortunately due to better communication and organisation compared with 1953 there were no casualties although the damage and destruction caused millions of pounds worth of damage to businesses and peoples homes. During and in the aftermath of this natural disaster the true spirit of Lowestoft people came to the forefront ans people came to the aid of friends, family, neighbors, the frail and randoms. It showed that Lowestoft and its people always did and still do have an enviable degree of human kindness and a never say die attitude that simply would not let the flood beat them down. Since the flood major reconstruction work has been carried out on effected areas and as a result the town is now looking forward to a bright, prosperous and now with new super flood defenses planned for the town, a dry and secure future.

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