Football Clubs


Lowestoft is a large town in Britain’s East and is so sizeable, with all of its little boroughs and suburbs, that is plays host to many different football clubs, all of which regularly compete and verse each other.

Kirkley & Pakefield Football Club

Lowestoft Town Football Club

Many East Anglian’s choose their favourite teams from among either Lowestoft, Norwich or Ipswich, so it goes without saying that a gigantic amount of fans descend on Lowestoft whenever the news of a game occurring is in the air.

Football clubs can a confusing thing, both for the expert and uninitiated alike, so why not check out our links to the town’s football clubs (or F.C.s) on this page for a strong and sizeable guide? The Lowestoft football clubs are a sight not to be missed, as are the many different rivalries that occur between each of the teams. There are also many local fan bases and mini-museums dedicated to the Lowestoft football teams, too, that you might wish to explore or have a look at.

If you are a seasoned football fan, or just someone who is starting to have their interest piqued by the noble game, look no further than Lowestoft for your dose of footie and its many clubs.

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