The festival scene in Lowestoft often draws crowds from all over the region. Though this largely peaceful town is often known for its beach attractions and holiday season, many festivals and similar such events occur all year long.

Latitude Festival

Check out our guide or links below for your programme to some of the best of the Lowestoft festivals and events. People often visit Lowestoft because of the many festivals that happen both inside and outside of the town . Indeed, festivals in Lowestoft are among the more varied in the country, and you can be sure that you will find something for everyone in the jewel of the East Coast and its colourful lifestyle of events and occurrences.

If the festivals in Lowestoft are some of the things that draw you the town, look no further than this site and its comprehensive listings and details of Lowestoft festivals. Festivals really add a touch of spice and pizazz to a town, and what better place to experience them than in Lowestoft? If the town isn’t full of enough colour and vibrancy already, you can be sure that, on festival day, it certainly will be!

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