Fast Food


Lowestoft is almost certainly one of the best centres in East Anglia for fast food. Indeed, it even rivals Norwich in terms of the sheer volume and quality of its fast food.

If you want a concise but comprehensive guide to the town’s fast food, look no further than this page. You can be sure that your time in Lowestoft will be one filled with tasty and quick foods. The seafront and marina are some of the best places in town to acquire food, but they are also some of the most popular with tourists. There can be some real gems in terms of fast food in Lowestoft that most of the tourists and regular town goers can easily miss.

After all, Lowestoft’s fast food scene really is gigantic, with such a gigantic volume of fast food stores rarely being seen a town, even one so large as Lowestoft. This means that fast food in Lowestoft is also very different and varied, so make sure that you check out our links to find out what is just right for you. Many tourists, visitors and locals are in need of a selection of fast food when they visit the town, so do not be ashamed about consulting our guide to find out which shops and venues are the best for you!

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