Dog Walking in Lowestoft

Dog Walking in Lowestoft: Well it i true that Lowestoft can be seen as a bit of a minefield for Suffolk dog walkers due to the constantly changing restrictions and seasonal fluctuations that hamper dog walking on its beaches.

Not many people know, however, that the town is also home to Gunton Denes Beach, a hidden gem that is perfect for dog walkers and tourists alike.

Situated to the North end of Lowestoft, Gunton Denes is a charming little area of land divided into sand dunes and grassy plains. There are no dog bans or restrictions operating, and there’s more than enough room for your canine friend to stretch out his legs.

The scene is also something of a frequent spot for bird watchers, who come to observe the many migrating birds that nestle in the dunes, and the local tides make it well-suited for surfers and bodyboarders, as well. Its popularity can partly be explained by its excellent facilities and services – there’s certainly an adequate amount of toilets and litter bins nearby, as well as a suitably sized car park for those who’d prefer to drive in.

The beach can be easily reached by following the B1385 North of Lowestoft and is clearly signposted. The only thing missing is you (and your friendly mutt!), so what are you waiting for? It would be a tragedy indeed were Lowestoft’s hidden gem to remain… well… hidden. So if you’re looking for that special spot to walk your dog that’s not far from Lowestoft town centre, Gunton Denes is the place to go.

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