Council approves plans for third bridge


Suffolk County Council have approved plans for a £94m third bridge over Lake Lothing with the plans to be discussed in detail in a public meeting on 18th February.

For some time now there has been concern about the level of traffic and congestion in Lowestoft. While some recent renovation has helped it is felt that something needs to be done. One proposal has been to add an additional bridge over Lake Lothing in order to ease this congestion, the theory being that the extra crossing would allow more traffic to pass through.

The approval for the plans for an additional bridge crossing was confirmed in a meeting on Tuesday. However there has been some concern among local people that feel this is not the best option for the local area. Waveney Labour parliamentary candidate Bob Blizzard feels that the proposed third crossing would be too close to the existing crossing. His view is that because the bridges would raise at the same time to allow ships to pass through the delays would still happen at the same time and therefore would not be the ideal option for reducing congestion.

However Suffolk County Council believe that the two bridges close together represents the most cost effective option and that this is the best option for the local area. The council has submitted a report to the Transport and Highways Agency so it remains to be seen what the final decision will be as the debate continues about what is the best option to reduce congestion in Lowestoft.

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