Calling all Clowns! Clown Gathering UK 2017 to be held in Lowestoft

Clowns from all over the world are converging on Lowestoft for the 2017 Clown Gathering, the highpoint of the clowning calendar.

Whether you’re a fan of classic clowning or you’re a clown yourself, you won’t want to miss out on the 2017 Clown Gathering, which will see clowns of all kinds come from as far afield as Canada and the US.

From clowning legends like 84-year-old Arthur Pedlar, who once appeared alongside silent movie icon Buster Keaton, to 8-year-old clown Macey, every possible form of clowning will be represented at the meeting and at a special show at the Marina Theatre which gives the public the chance to immerse themselves in this most enduring of comic traditions. The show will take place on both March 1 and 2 at the Seagull Theatre in Pakefield, giving you two chances to catch this clowning cavalcade before it leaves town (presumably all in one car).

Among the clowning superstars to appear in the Seagull Clown Gathering Revue will be Bobbo Roberts, who comes from one of Britain’s oldest circus families, the menacing Clown Noir, and the father and son slapstick team of Rollo and Tommy Rollason, who specialise in hilarious physical comedy. Flying in from Canada will be Annie Bannanie Dolny. As well as performers, the event will be attended by dignitaries from the clowning world, including Matthew ‘Mattie’ Faint, who curates the Clown Museum at the Holy Trinity church in East London.

The Gathering is organised by Andrew ‘Andy the Clown’ Davis, who told UK Blasting News: “It’s clowning for clowns, all the friends coming together and networking.” So if you’ve always wondered what clowns talk about when they’re not clowning, then make sure you come down to the Seagull Theatre on March 1 or 2. Click here to go to the Seagull Box Office, where you can buy tickets.

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