Lakeside Coffee Shop

Lakeside Coffee Shop


Its Official Lakeside Coffee Shop In Normanston Park Serves the Best Coffee’s & Italian Hot Chocolate in Lowestoft!

The ever popular Lakeside Coffee Shop at Normanston Park in Oulton Broad is a wonderful family run cafe in a super location in Lowestoft. Lakeside are well known for their quality fairtrade coffee & hot chocolates [people have been known to travel 50 miles just to come to lakesides], and they also serve a wide selection of local sourced foods. Guests can sit inside lakesides restaurant area, including 40 seating spaces upstairs, or when the weather is nice can sit outside and enjoy the views of the park and Lake Lothing. Lakeside Coffee Shop is a popular haunt for sports lovers & dog walkers as Normanston Park and Lake Lothing offer excellent nature walks & sporting opportunities.

More about The Lakeside Coffee Shop in Lowestoft:

  • Full English Served 9-2 Each Day Only £5
  • Great Location for Coach Parties [please call first]
  • Great for dog walkers, loads of Free Parking!
  • Great value food, sarnies from only £2!
  • Bookswap Club; come have a coffee & take a book away for free!
  • Lakeside Coffee Shop Contact Information

    Normanston Park
    Oulton Broad
    United Kingdom
    NR32 2QB

    Telephone Number 01502 584698

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