The gentle and relaxing pastime of boating is a thing that has disappeared from most aspects of modern life. But, in historic Lowestoft, it is still very much alive and well.

The town has a plethora of mooring points (all with the full range of facilities and amenities available) and boating events available, and we have placed a selection of these available below, in the form of several links.

From the thrilling power boat races at Oulton Broad to the quiet gateway to the peaceful Norfolk Broads, Lowestoft is a boater’s paradise. The Lowestoft boating scene is one of the richest in the country. There is always a strong community of shipping and boating enthusiasts always present in the town (known for its strong, seafaring past) who are more than happy to help novices and experts alike.

If you check out the Lowestoft boating atmosphere in more detail, you will find it nothing short of one of the more friendly and gentler places in the county. So if you are thinking of going boating, or even bringing a boat with you on holiday, make sure that you do it in Lowestoft for sun, fun, and an enjoyable time.

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