Best cake places in Lowestoft


Where is the best place to enjoy afternoon tea or coffee and a cupcake in Lowestoft?

There are a number of great places you can have a nice coffee and cake in Lowestoft. A big factor is location- of course one of the major draws is the beach and so this is a good place to start when it comes to finding places to stop off for a snack of some kind.

One place you may not associate with coffee and cake is Captain Nemo’s- while the restaurant next to the Claremont Pier arcade does specialise in fish and chips it also offers a nice range of tea, coffee and cakes as well. There is something appealing about sitting back and watching the sea while you enjoy your food and this is a major plus in Captain Nemos’ favour.

For a bit of grandness you may also want to consider Hotel Victoria- the venue is often booked out for private parties but it is equally a great place to sit back and enjoy tea and cake in the daytime too!

However it is also worth noting that there are plenty of great places to get cake away from the beach- the Joseph Conrad offers the cheap and cheerful Wetherspoons option (typically you get the deal with a sponge or other cake included with coffee) and there is a Costa for people who prefer that (such as the novelty of ordering a giant bourbon or custard cream). While it is good to have the option of these solid standards Lowestoft also has a few independent coffee shops that add their own distinct style.

For example those wanting the classic tea room experience should try the famous Woodbine cafe, well known for its old school approach and warm hospitality. Desmonds that specialises in homemade cakes to order (as well as 15 flavours of milkshake!)

Finally Lowestoft is also the home of Truly Scrumptious- if you want a cake made to order these are the people to come to!

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