Arts and Crafts in Lowestoft. Sometimes, it is the things that you make yourself that matter the most.

With Lowestoft, it is often all of the major attractions and events that draw in tourists, but did you also know that Lowestoft also has a thriving and lively arts and crafts scene?

Below are a set of links to various arts and crafts sites around the town, just to make sure that you are familiar with all of its pleasant little artsy businesses. The wide selection of arts and crafts in Lowestoft means that that you are never stuck for something individual or distinctive to make, be that thing a piece of pottery or even a piece of welded art metalwork from Lowestoft artist Colin Bellis for that special loved one.

There are so many little nooks and crannies of art related activity in the town, that there is something new for every day of the year! If you are looking for some of the best arts and crafts in Lowestoft then you know just where to look. With Lowestoft, there is always going to be something beautiful to make to make your house just that extra bit special.

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