Normanston Skating & BMX Park

Looking for somewhere cool to skate? fed up with skating the pathways and benches of Lowestoft? Well if so get yourself down to the massive and brand new Skatepark at Normanston Park in Lowestoft


Lowestoft’s skatepark is a brand new area designed for bmx’s, skateboards and skates, and we guess anything else where wheels are stuck to something for somebody to move about on. If you are a keen BMXer or skater then you need to get yourself down to Lowestoft skatepark at Normanston Park in the Oulton Broad area of Lowestoft.

Normanston Skating & BMX Park Contact Information:

Normanston Park
Oulton Broad
NR32 2PZ

Website: Normanston Skating & BMX Park

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