A guide to HMS Lowestoft


A guide to this historic ship and its relation to the local area

The name “HMS Lowestoft” has been used for a number of boats throughout history, although the first ships that refer to the area were named “Lowestoffe”. The first was a 28 gun ship launched in 1697. Over the years a number of ships would share this name with the last HMS Lowestoffe wrecked in 1801.

The first ship to be called HMS Lowestoft using the modern spelling of the name was in 1801. This ship had 38 guns and was cancelled in 1805. Different ships held this name, including an anti-submarine frigate that was sadly sunk in 1986.

As you would expect this means that the name HMS Lowestoft carries with it a great deal of history and a lot of people in the local area work hard to continue teaching people about the ship and its connections to Lowestoft’s maritime history. On the 9th-11th October there will also be a reunion for all the people who served on the crew of HMS Lowestoft. If you were a member and are looking to be reunited with fellow crew members (or if you know a friend or family member that served and wants to be reunited) then there are details here

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