2014 World Thumb Wrestling Championships in Lowestoft Sees its First Triple Crown Champion

After the dust had settled from what had to be one of the world’s most hotly anticipated tournaments – the 2014 World Thumb Wrestling Championships in Lowestoft – only a few could claim the title of victor.


One of these was Dayna ‘Big Digit’ Hunt from Norwich, the only competitor to win the much-sought Triple Crown Championship. After a stunning 2-1 in the tournament’s finale, she spoke to the crowd using the event’s compare: ‘Thank you for all my support, I was really feeling the pressure this year as I knew winning the championships 3 years in a row was going to be extremely hard work. I’ve been putting in the extra training and it’s paid off. Sports science played a big part in my success this year, but that’s all going out of the window as I’m going to celebrate this win like no other before. I’ll be back next year, I don’t ever want to lose ‘my’ title.’

The mens championships saw two former winners returning to Lowestoft to try and reclaim a title which was once their’s. Jed ‘The Thumber-Taker’ Bellis was undoubtedly the crowd favourite managed to make it to the semi-finals, as did the 2011 London-based winner Luke ‘The Cobra’ Sears. Amazingly, though, ‘The Cobra’ slithered out in his semi-final bout with the eventual 2014 winner, this year’s dark-horse, Brad ‘Thumb-thing kind of wonderful’ Collins from Norwich. He performed extremely well and was a deserved champion. Brad, aka ‘Thumb-thing kind of wonderful’ who spoke to Thumb Wrestling News after his success said: ‘I think I benefited from being an unknown quantity, a lot of the crowd were focusing on past winners who were great competitors, but I’ve been secretly training for this championships for weeks and I had a feeling that if the draw fell right for me that I could be in with a shot at the title. To win the final 1-0, after such a gruelling match against ‘The Thumbertaker’ felt amazing. I shall look forward to this year of being the official world thumb wrestling champion and all the kudos and glory that it shall hopefully bring’.

The Thumb Wrestling Championship website will be updated over the coming weeks with photos, articles and videos from this year’s championships. A massive thank you to all competitors and all spectators, who helped to make it such a great set of championships. Lastly, a mega thank you for the prizes generously supplied by lovelowestoft.co.uk, the tourism website for Lowestoft in Suffolk.

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